January 22nd, 2021

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Чего злые англичане то удумали:

Карантин на 10 дней по прибытию с кучей других понаехов в прикорленных властями "отелях".
Плюс GPS-ошейник, чтоб скотинки своё место не забывали. Тож самое для Австралии и НЗ.

".. Ministers are in talks with hotel chains over plans to force UK arrivals to quarantine at airports, it was claimed today.

Travellers could be prevented from using their own accommodation under the proposals being put together by the government. Using GPS tags to ensure compliance is also believed to have been considered.

The draconian 'quarantine hotel' system, similar to that used in Australia and New Zealand, is a prospect amid rising fears about the spread of Covid variants around the globe. .."

src: всё на dailymail.