Evgeny (m3chman) wrote,

Если Вы хотели приобрести доменное имя, но откладывали:

Скоро будет flash-sale распродажа на name.com.
Я пользуюсь их услугами уже несколько лет, так что могу сказать: компания хорошая)
из их блога:

.COM/.NET Domains will be $0.99 (that’s 99 cents) for two hours only during our Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour, Thursday from 3–5 p.m. MDT.

We know you’ve been hurt before. Some companies say $0.99 domains and then hit you with fees and shenanigans. These domains will truly be $0.99. BUT in being completely transparent and open, there are rules.

Simply use promo code 99CENT at checkout.
The sale will take place Thursday, March 26, 2015 from 3–5 p.m. MDT.
Limit to one (1) $0.99 .COM/.NET domain per account.
Account credit cannot be used for payment
After 1,000 domains are sold we’re calling it quits (even if it’s before the 5 p.m. MDT end of Bottoms Rupp.)
Not valid on premium domains; only regular priced ($10.99) COM/NET domain names.
New registrations only (not valid for renewal of domains names.)
Sweet momma you’re getting a COM/NET domain for 99 cents!

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