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therm: Massive Response


INTRO: придумал я тут развлекушку, бездельник что с меня взять (см. аватар).
Итак берется некий термин и смотрится инфо по нему картинки например, допустим в Google Images, Yahoo или Getty без разницы.
Затем выбираются прикольные картинки фразы и составляются в некоторой комозиции с претенией на безсвязность.
Итак первый блин:
(! Это © кросспостинг приветсвуется с источником :)) Особенно приветсвуются свои варианты :))

Сегодня термин для поиска: "Massive Response"

что получилось смотрим под cut..

Yes. I understand that Meerkats are adorable. Even Nazi Meerkats are adorable:


And after our major success in sending an Ass-tronaut, excuse me, Angkasawan to space and declaring ourselves a SPACE POWER (*hack*hack*) we will be the first country in the world to send a car to space. We sent the Proton to the Antartic before and the next step will be to pay the Russians to load up the Proton Unta on a rocket and send it to the moon. It will be the first Islamic car in space. One small step for Unta, one huge leap for mankind.


Hundreds of residents have taken to opportunity to sign my petition against the Environment Agency's River Aire Flood Catchment Plan.

Survey responses


High-profile games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Scruples & Mad Gab are rated in the 4’s and 5’s on Board Game Geek, so we’re very excited about the response so far.



My response to the folks who say that it's all T&A nowadays is this: I present to you Bob. ...This is Bob. Bob has bitch tits.











Dr. Smith has also revealed his solution to the scourge of the giant Jimmy Olsen robots that are decimating our airwaves. America beware! These massive cub reporters are attempting to control the mainstream media!









from here



... points out that the response


THE ENd...

смотреть весь исходник


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